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Enset Plus System (800100)

The best solution for engraving and crimping with a pneumatic system. It is a digitally controlled system for the engraving of jewelry pieces, system with double port for the connection of two different handpieces. It has double operating system being able to choose between the original system in which the engraving force is controlled on the panel and the speed of impacts on the pedal or choose the plus mode in which the number of impacts per minute is set on the panel and by means of the pedal the force of the impact on the handpiece is increased with the limit previously set on the panel. It also has a self-bleeding filter valve to guarantee the good condition of the machine. The system allows a precise engraving and with excellent control of the depth of the cut which allows an excellent brightness in the engraving of gold, silver and precious metals. The setting control by means of the plus system guarantees absolute control of the impact of the grass on the piece of jewelry that avoids damage to the piece with an undesirable blow on it. It is a very reliable, resistant and small size system. It is connected to a compressor by means of a plastic hose and the air consumption is very reduced and can also work with a co2 bottle.

ENSET© Compact System (800200)

The Enset© compact pneumatic is the entry model for engraving and crimping on jewelry pieces, its extraordinary power combined with the precision of the electronic foot pedal makes engraving fluid and with excellent control of cutting depth and brightness. It has a single port for quick connection of the handpiece. It has a filter valve to protect the equipment. In the compact version the pneumatic force is regulated by a wheel on the control panel and is reflected on the integrated pressure gauge. Through the pedal we will increase the number of impulses per minute to transfer the pneumatic force to the handpiece. The precision of the electronic pedal allows control of engraving and setting, protecting the valuable pieces of precious metals and guarantees the protection of the stone to be set against eventual shocks with the burin or the pearler. It is a robust machine, simple and intuitive to use, and uniquely compact, taking up very little space on the engraving table. You just need to plug it into the network and the pneumatic compressor and start engraving or engraving. The air consumption is very low so it can also be used connected to a CO2 bottle.