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Multipurpose Desktop Engraving Machine MAGIC™-E7


MAGIC-E7 is an all-in-one engraving machine for both flat and rotary engraving and cutting. It is widely used and available in the global jewelry/accessory industry. It is designed to deal with the complex aspects of jewelry making, particularly: forms, materials, and sizes. It is ideal for easy and quick cutting, and engraving of various jewelry products such as rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and bangles.

  • All-in-one Desktop Engraver

    MAGIC-E7 is a 3rd generational multipurpose engraving machine that is built and designed to produce precise, high-quality engraving, cutting and marking results on various jewelry products. It is equipped with a flat clamp that engraves and marks on pendants and plates; and a rotary clamp that engraves on rings, bangles and pens by default.

  • Fast and Easy Engraving, Cutting, and Marking 

    It facilitates engraving and cutting by spindle rotation and scribe marking using a diamond tool.

  • Advanced and Innovative Features
    It offers innovative functions, outstanding engraving performance, higher resolution and quality, great structural stability, and modern aesthetic design. Its features and structure are designed and built following the newest and latest technology.